Marketing materials, now with more flavor!

When a one-off won't do.

The Shadow Buddies Foundation

As our 2016 charity partner, we are donating free marketing materials and assets to the Shadow Buddies Foundation, including a new website, brochure and a commercial for AMC Cares.

Brochure designed and written (or in some cases, such as "Our Mission" and "Behind the Thumbprint," proofed) by me.

Please keep an eye out for updates, as this is an ongoing project.

Gold Bond

App, print and display ads.


Secret aims to teach girls that confidence is knowing your imperfections but loving them anyway.

Even though they are at a highly impressionable age, it's still important for a brand to engage with these girls. If they knew that a brand was there not just to sell to them, but to help them blossom into healthy teens, they will be more likely to interact with it.

This campaign was created to give schools resources to boost confidence and provide a channel to discuss the difficulties of growing up.


Event description

Assemblies will be held for female students in the target age group. Kits and educational materials will be provided to the schools by Secret, and will include crafts, such as poster-, collage- and button-making, locker magnets, stickers and, of course, deodorant. Real girls will be brought in to give their own testimonials about how they came to love themselves. The events will be led by female school staff, as well as a trained representative of Secret.

Check out the accompanying blog here.