Learn Things You Didn't Want to Know!

Like mother, like son.


  • A previously mentioned, I am utterly and unabashedly obsessed with my dog. We rescued him from KC Pet Project in 2014 and he is in tight competition with my husband for derpiest being on the planet.
  • Giordano's is my favorite deep dish pizza. Though if I'm being honest, I've never met a pie I WOULDN'T eat.


  • I've earned the nickname "Princess Bitch Face" due to my chirpy, effervescent demeanor and horrifyingly pissed resting face.
  • One of my most prized possessions is my unicorn mug.
  • I invited Bill Murray to my wedding. To my dismay, he could not make it due to a pact he made with the Belushi brothers to never enter my hometown.

My whole life.


  • I love puns - good puns, bad puns, dad puns - all the puns.
  • I also really, really, really love karaoke.
  • I wholly believe that a life is not lead properly without a little whimsy.
  • For me, every day is full of face journeys.
  • I have an inordinate disdain for odd numbers.
  • I now sell on Etsy! Check out the Effervescent Blonde for some occasionally cheeseball, always inspirational prints.